Talk to an artists

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Talk to an artists (2002) D.N.K., Villa Manin di Passariano San Vito al
Tagliamento (2002)

A black billboard was presented in the exhibiting space, with the silver
text “Talk to an artists” together with a telephone number. Some meters
away from the billboard was a pedestal with a see-through box on top.
Inside the box was a mobile phone. Every visitor of the exhibition (or a
person who had this telephone number) could talk to the artist. By
calling the number written on the billboard, the telephone in front of
the billboard would start to ring. The visitor/caller could see and hear
their own call. After several rings, the call would go to the answering
machine, where a female voice was saying: “Talk to an artist”. In this
way the visitor/caller could talk to an artist, and leave them a message!