Requiem for the Wall

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Requiem for the Wall  240cm x 60cm (1999) D.N.K., Kunsthaus Tacheles Berlin

What do we see? Is what we know what we see? What can a wall be, look like or sound like? What is a wall? A glass quadrangle is plced in front of the wall. Nine pieces of thick transparent glass are installed on the wall, creating a new border, a wall between the observer and the wall behind the glass. They build a wall over the wall. An almost unseen glass wall over the brick wall.

In the architecture, the glass no longer represents only a transparent element/material but it (the glass) mean wile change the role. Glass is used to divide, isolate and close rooms.This work deals with the question of what a wall is or could be? What do we treat or see as a wall, and what we don’t. ”The walls have ears, the walls have eyes”. What we see as a wall and what as an open and free space? Sometimes the difference between what we think we see and “reality” is so thin!
Do we see all the walls around us? Can a border be transparent? Are we today dealing with a new quality of walls and at the same time with a new quality of borders? Whom is this requiem actually dedicated to?