Dear Reader,

In January 2012, we (The Activists) found it necessary to collect all texts, photos, audio and video materials by FILOART and FILOART Groups in one place. We decided to make an archive (see screenshot below).

From the very beginning until we published this archive, we tried to contact FILOART, FILOART Groups or anyone responsible for the FILOART and the FILOART Groups, for a permission to publish this archive. Until now we did not receive any answer .

We even don’t know if they still exist?

In case this archive injures – in one or another way – the idea of FILOART or FILOART Groups, we are ready to delete this archive immediately. In the meantime, if we don’t  receive any response, we will continue collecting and publishing the materials related to FILOART or FILOART Groups. As you can see here, this archive comprises huge amount of materials about FILOART and FILOART Groups, although it is not completed yet. This archive is an ongoing work in progress.

Any time it welcomes relevant information or any kind of material about FILOART or FILOART Groups.

If you have any material about or related to FILOART or FILOART Groups, please send it to us.

We would like to thank all private persons and institutions for their help with informations and footages.

Yours sincerely,

The Activists

contact: activistsact at googlemail dot com

screenshot, January 2012