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The Flag  (2010) Globalodromia

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The Rosenthaler Street in Berlin during the football world cup 2010. The facades of the buildings where fully decorated with flags of different sizes. Probably one flag fell down on the street. Cars were driving over this flag, people were walking nearby without any reaction. The crumpled dirty flag had no value of pride and glory anymore.
Several meters away, the café Oberholtz was showing the football championship on the big screen. This video (The Flag) was shown from the next day (of the making of this video) until the end of the championship, from the opening until the café closed. The video was shown on the same screen as the football games.

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The Flag (2010) Video Presentation,  Street view St. Oberholz, Berlin










TV program – the football world cup 2010,  Street view St. Oberholz, Berlin