Surveilling the Artist

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Surveilling the Artist (2002) Two channel video, Globalodromia, Quattro Venti,  Manciano
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In the back room of an old and abandoned house in San Vito, in an almost empty room, in a place where a man would never think that something like that could be there, a table was placed with a surveillance equipment. Two monitors and two sound boxes were showing every movement and emitting every sound of a surveilled artist.Out, somewhere in nature, he was standing in front of the canvass. Three surveillance cameras where controlling his movements from a distance and one camera was probably installed hidden on the artist’s body and was showing his hand in front of the canvas. The video doesn’t show anything spectacular, almost nothing happens.The artist doesn’t paint, doesn’t right or put any color on the canvas, the artist just strokes the canvas. It is like he is painting without colors or he is having an special ritual with a canvas or he just has no idea what to paint. Or maybe he knows that he is been surveilled?



Surveilling the Artist (2002) Two channel video, Globalodromia