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Staccato (2002) Sammlerfamilie

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In different cultures the bust represents different things and has different meanings for people. Busts where used for different functions, different rituals were practiced with them, in front of them or around them. They are made from different materials and come in different sizes. Each bust has a particular acoustic or specific sound when knocked on. Through a small intervention, playing with sticks on the busts, suddenly the sculptures loose their similarity to human beings and become musical instruments or just substantially represent a material. Participating Sculptures of: Robert Koch (Louis Tuaillon), Emil Fischer ( Fritz Klimsch), Rosa Luxemburg ( Rolf Biebl),  Bertolt Brecht (Fritz Cremer), Karl Marx (Will Lammert) , Friedrich Engels (Ludwig Engelhardt), Käthe Kollwitz (Gustav Seitz), Martin Luther (Paul Otto, Robert Tobrentz), Jesus Christ (anonymous), Theodor Mommsen (Adolf Brütt),