proud nations

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low-StolzA1proud nations (2009) P.M.S.  Poster

Translation of the text in english: proud nations unite your pride and compete with the pride of an ass hole
What is a proud nation? Can the pride be measured? What are the criteria for becoming a proud nation, who decides that? If there is a proud nation, then there are also humble nations. Who are humble nations then? What is a nation, what is pride, how can somebody be proud about the things that he/she has never done. What is we? Who is we, where do we start to count we? For what or who can be proud about what? What kind of use does the nation’s pride have? Whom is it for? What is a nation today?

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P1030350proud nations (2009) P.M.S. Street View  Hauptplatz Linz


Subversiv messe Linz 2009 1proud nations (2009)  Graffiti, Subversiv messe, Linz, 2009


Subversiv messe Linz 2009 2

proud nations (2009)  Graffiti, Subversiv messe, Linz, 2009