PIPI-KAKA / footoor

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PIPI-KAKA / footoor (2004) P.M.S.
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PIPI-KAKA /footoor is not a product but a new philosophy of living and working. PIPI-KAKA / footoor is one of the revolutionary products of our time. This device will impact all possible layers and functions of the future society.
Imagine you don’t have to prepare something to eat or drink and you don’t have to go somewhere special to have lunch but you get your order through PIPI-KAKA / footoor immediately in front of you. Or for example during your work you don’t need to leave your working place to go to the toilet. PIPI-KAKA /footoor gives you the possibility and freedom to do it on your working place. Through PIPI-KAKA / footoor everything will get and stay cleaner in every way and is environmentally friendlier. This and much more, the PIPI-KAKA / footoor makes possible for you.
The PIPI-KAKA / footoor is made from several units that build the PIPI-KAKA / footoor feeling, they are: footoor e.d., footoor p.k., footoor s.t.

  • footoor e.d. (eat&drink) is a transporter of liquid meals and drinks to the user. footoor e.d. makes possible the order to be delivered in a minute. You can order your meal online and you get it straight away. Always fresh meals with a huge selection.Your order will be controlled by the health computer, which checks each meal, what is good and what is bad for your health.Individually designed meals for each person, he gives the suggestion and you make the decision. People will be healthier. Users don’t have to loose time to go and buy and carry , to wash or clean, to cut and prepare, to cook and serve. There will be no more, dirty dishes. footoor e.d. has also a toothbrush (which user should order extra), which automatically after the meal, wash-clean and dry the mouth.

 Using Manual: footoor e.d. is shaped like a tube. Through this tube the user receives the meal in thin or thicker liquid form. In the same way user receives drinks. After each meal footoor e.d. is cleaned from inside, with a very little amount of water. Through this process we save a lot of water detergent and energy.

  • footoor p.k. (pi&ka) is made up from breathable and waterproof material. footoor p.k. is unisex, transformable for all sizes and has a light weight. footoor p.k. is prepared with a liquid analyzer. After each removal of excrement from the body the liquid analyzer sends a report to you and to the health computer. After every liquid analysis the user receives a proposals for the next meals and trainings. All released organic liquids and other materials that footoor sucks, can be used again. The released organic liquids and other materials will be clean, without chemistry. That’s why they will be more valuable. Eating healthier makes excrement easier to recycle. With extra equipment, for adults, (which users should order extra, they can by the extra program) that can satisfy also their sexual needs. The lost body liquids of the users, through footoor p.k. get packed and delivers to the same bank. Everything get used and stays clean. This could be practiced everywhere (where you have a connection to the footoor installations) and almost anytime.

Using Manual: footoor p.k. has a shape similar to a bike seat, but much more thiner and lighter. The user has to bring footoor p.k. close to the body and the vacuum system of the device reacts immediately. The footoor p.k. sticks to the skin and the genitals, thus is ready to suck. During the process of leaving of the body excrements and liquids the footoor p.k. cleans the skin and meanwhile itself (the transporting tube) in a hygienic way. Through strong water injection, the body becomes a kind of massage and thus a refreshment. Through this cleaning process, footoor p.k. saves a lot of water, paper and energy.


  • footoor s.w.(seat&work): is the seat and table. Because of the ergonomic seat, where the user can sit a longer time without being tired, the user can do different exercises and body training on the footoor s.w. A see-through table, that can be used as a table at the same time collects and stores the released energy of the user and the environment.

As we can see from the text above, PIPI-KAKA / footoor will have a strong impact on the fields such as: architecture, social behavior, health culture, environment, ecology etc. PIPI-KAKA / footoor will change the way we think, live, work, behave and communicate. With PIPI-KAKA / footoor the quality of life will get much better in the future.