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Other side (1997) D.N.K., Kunsthaus Tacheles Berlin

Eight Polaroid photos shown from the backside.
Titles from right to left: P. 1. Fifi running in the Treptower park after a frisbee; P. 2. Fifi and me, posing in the front of the Statue of Liberty; P. 3. Shouting and singing on the train to Costa Calma; P. 4. Fifi sleeping with Carla in the tent; P. 5. Fifi looks nervous; P. 6. Shining Fifi, the winner of the second price in the Disc Dog Competition; P. 7. In the dark room; P. 8. Cooking Jahni.

Often observer wants to have a look behind the scene, scenery or canvas. In this case, the backs of eight polaroids are shown with the title of the photos, but the front side stays a  mystery to the observer. This work raises questions like: Who shot the picture? Where and when was the picture shot? How much does it influence the title in our opinion? Can we imagine these pictures? What kind of color quality do they have or how do the nature, people, animals, buildings look like? Or do we start to observe the “back” side as the pictures and try to get the message from them? Do eight black squares represent eight pictures or themselves? Does this small change give another layer of meaning to the work? Can we observe the “back” side as a right side, or does the back side become the front?