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Film (1998) Sammlerfamilie, Galerie 35, Berlin (2003)


Film (1998) Sammlerfamilie
A white shining square projection divided in the middle by a rotating black line. That which first gives an impression of an abstract art, slowly turns out to be a real picture. A familiar picture. Something that we know very well. What do we see when we see a so-called Film? To see a film we need 25 moving pictures per second, going between the lightbulb and lens,  and then finally on the screen. The film projection.
In fact, we watch the projection of the content of the film but not the film itself. In the installation “Film”, the film becomes the subject and the object. The film is not just inside the projector anymore, and it doesn’t go through the lens. Now the film rolls, but it’s rolling out of the projector. You can see it, directly on the projecting surface. In fact this is the first time that the observer can see the film, as a film.

Scan 2Film (1998) Sammlerfamilie,  Villa Manin di Passariano, San Vito al Tagliamento (2002)