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EACH FLAG IS A BORDER (2010) Mrs. Brainwash
Installation 20m x 2m, North Façade Kunsthaus Tacheles Berlin

Seventeen cut flags, seventeen letters making up the sentence: EACH FLAG IS A BORDER. Each flag symbolizes a “country”, but each cut flag symbolizes a single letter. These flags, through this act, made several new connections between each other. So, now that they where cut, the flags became letters making up one sentence. This sentence gives an explanation about the character of the “flag”. So the flags where explaining themselves – the flags were explaining flags. This sentence also includes the word “FLAG” which at the same time raises the question what a Flag is. Is it the word; the letter; the fabric; the colors.
What kind of act is cutting a flag? Is it the same as cutting fabric? Does a reaction to this kind of action (in this case – cutting a flag) depend on the context, time and place? What happens in this case? The cut flags where building not only a sentence but also a new, larger flag, so they represented something totally different from what a flag basically represents.

– Each flag had these dimensions (before they were cut): 200 x 100 cm
– Each flag was 100% Polyester

– Each flag was cut into a single letter
– The selection and the ranking of the flags was random.

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EACH FLAG IS A BORDER (2010) Mrs. Brainwash Detail E
















EACH FLAG IS A BORDER (2010) Mrs. Brainwash Detail A