Autopsy of the bloodbath

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Obduktion eines Blutbades / Autopsy of the bloodbath (1998) Psychiatriepatienten, Villa Manin di Passariano San Vito al Tagliamento (2002)

Autopsy of the bloodbath shows us a kind of laboratory where the bodies of the soldiers were experimented on. In this clinically clean lab you can see different deformed bodies inside test tubes. Extremities have grown in unusual parts of the bodies. There are bodies growing inside of bodies, bodies without heads or bodies with only legs. Except, different war equipment like machine – guns or grenades have also grown as horns or hands on these bodies. From these experiments we cannot see any attempt to reach an “ideal” or “perfect” body, but just the opposite. These bodies give the impression that they were an attempt to be used for military actions and not for a medical or esthetic reasons. The bodies look like failed experiments, like illustrative material for the rear cabinet, something that every army institute would hide and not exhibit. This autopsy and the post-mortem examination are, as the name says, the last examination of the bodies that are already dead, and only the reason of their death has to be described classified, categorized and put in the file.

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