23 windows

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23 windows (1996) L.E.O. Michael Teichmann Haus Rüdersdorf


In a small place near Berlin called Rüdersdorf, in 1996, a person could still experience the authentic atmosphere of an already gone system, an installation of 23 Windows was presented in the “Michael Teichmann Haus”. This work was a reminiscence (a view into the past era) and simultaneously a view into the new world.

In a room 2m x 3m where you could smell the mold and feel the cold and the dampness of the walls, 22 window frames were hanging. These windows were collected in the construction of renovated houses of the city. Through these windows, until recently, the citizens of Rüdersdorf where watching their reality. Now they change roles, they are now the objects being watched. All these windows were in one room. A room with 23 windows.

The windows where in different sizes and they where hanging close one to another. Inside each of these windows a piece/part from the geopolitics, history, mechanics, etc. school charts was placed.

This school charts were not in use anymore, because the new system was changing everything, including the school charts. When you enter the room you can see the hanging history of a vanished era. The 22 hanging windows in the walls were creating a kind of surveillance room to the past. The only “real”, (the 23rd) window in the room, which was in function and open, had a view to the forest.


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